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Visual Discourse, Propaganda, and Construction of Territorial Identities during Socialist Romania (1948-1989)


Oana-Ramona ILOVAN


The Development of Geographical Education in Romania, under the Influence of the Soviet Education Model (1948-1962)
Building Visual Intertextuality and Territorial Identities for the Romanian Danubian Settlements during Socialism
The Development Discourse during Socialist Romania in Visual Representations of the Urban Area
Markers of Visual Identity: Industrial Sites and Landscapes in Picture Postcards during the Socialist Period of Romania
Visual Imagery and Construction of Territorial Identity through Iconic Buildings. Case Study: The Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest
Visual Discourse on Territorial Development and Political Identities in Socialist Romania, in Comics for Pioneers
Comics for Pioneers. Representations of Modernisation and Class Identities in Socialist Romania
Building Characters and Territorial Identities during Socialist Romania, in Comics for Communist Pioneers