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Currently, the original scientific research increasingly requires the development of synergistic and harmonized actions within the interdisciplinary teams in keeping with the intended target and the productive efficiency. The Territorial Identities and Development Research Centre (TIDRC) aims to play a key role in the institutional and scientific networking, by conducting relevant research focused on current thematic areas, offering new perspectives on science and development within the territorial framework.

The actions carried out will permanently emphasize the innovative approaches, both at a normative-formal level and at the experimental-productive one, aiming at identifying the best solutions and elaborating the models of good practices useful to the decision makers in different fields (administrative, economic, social, cultural, political, ecological, etc.), at the national and European level.

Territorial identity is a relevant structure for both building the social capital, useful in spatial modelling, and for the European Union cohesion policy and other macro-regions of the world. The development and innovation framework of the centre falls within the priorities set by the National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation, being mainly focused on the social and human sciences.

Therewith, the journal of the research centre, Territorial Identity and Development, offers the possibility to share the research results and the experience of good practices with specialists and practitioners from various fields and sectors of activity.